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JSC «Gusevskiy Glassworks named after Dzerzhinsky» is one of the biggest manufacturers of technical glass in Russia. It is a participant of prestigious international exhibitions.

The Glassworks was established in 1929 and has rich traditions in producing glass products. It is located in the central part of European Russia, in Vladimir region, in Gus-Khrustalny-the center of Russian glassmaking. At present the enterprise has the considerable technical potential: developed infrastructure, huge production facilities, creative and highly professional team of workers and specialists which make it possible to work out the vital problems of different degrees of complexity.

The products of JSC «Gusevskiy Glassworks named after F.E.Dzerzhinsky» are well-known and are used not only in Russia but in CIS and abroad.

The Glassworks produces and sells the following production:


Fused quartz glass product Technical glass product
  • tube, rod and capillary of different destination
  • optical KV,KU-2 bar
  • sight glass
  • plate
  • chemical glassware
  • instrument and appliance of different destination
  • liquid level indicator for steam boiler and vessel («Klinger glass»)
  • doped quartz glass (tube, ingot, plate)
  • transparent quartz glass souvenir
  • quartz glass powder (ground fused quartz)
  • laminated high-strength glass «triplex» for the wide range of transport vehicles
  • building triplex, transparent and coloured
  • mirrors for furniture, for transport vehicles and for household
  • glasses, including for special purposes (for gas-mask, respirators etc.)

The enterprises of electric, electro-technical, chemical, food, medical, biological, semiconductor materials, communication, instrument engineering and other industries are the main consumers of our fused quartz glass products.

All offered products correspond to Russian standards and technical specifications of our glassworks.

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