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Liquid level indicator for steam boiler and vessel («Klinger glass»)

Transparent fused quartz glass liquid level indicator
(«Klinger glass»)

Technical characteristics:

  1. Type of glass: knurled, smooth
    length, mm
    (deviation ±1,5)
    width, mm
    (deviation ±1,0)
    thickness, mm
    (deviation ±1,0)
    knurled 115, 140, 160, 190, 220, 250 34 17
    smooth 280, 320, 340 28, 34 17
  2. Smooth glass is applied in steam boiler and vessels, containing products of petroleum chemistry at the pressure of 4 MPa inclusively and at temperature 1000oC.
  3. Knurled glass smooth sight surface on one side and ground with 6-8 prismatic marks on the other side and it is used in steam boiler at 3.5 MPa pressure inclusively.

Production sample

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