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Laminated high-strength glass «triplex»

Safety glass for ground transport.
Multi-layer glass with polyvinylbutiral film. (Triplex)

ГОСТ 5727-88
Technical characteristics:

Triplex glass is applied for various kinds of ground transport, tractors, lorries «MAZ», «KAMAZ», «KRAZ», «UAZ» and other kinds of transport including transport of special destination.

Triplex glass is remarkable for such properties as strength and safety by using. It is not broken to pieces by shock and it does not produce sharp cutting fragments but it is covered with net of cracks.

  1. It is possible to manufacture triplex glass of different shapes and sizes on the customer’s request.
  2. Light transmission of wind glass not less than 75%, other 70%.
  3. Polyvynilbutiral film is used for manufacturing multi-layer glass.
  4. Triplex glass is mechanically strength and thermally stable.
  5. Triplex glass is waterproof.

Production sample


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