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Mirrors for furniture, for transport vehicles and for household

Mirror for furniture

ТУ 21-0288670-07-92
Technical characteristics:

  1. Two types of mirrors are manufactured depending on appliance:
    • face mirror is set at the face and inner surfaces of cheval-glass, three-leaved mirrors.
    • decorative mirror is set at the visible surfaces of sideboards ad bars.
  2. Mirror of various shapes and sizes is manufactured on the customer’s request.
  3. Mirror is made of polished glass with aluminum coating.
  4. Reflection coefficient is not less than 0.77.
  5. Mirror is produced with or without facet.
  6. Mirror is moisture proof.

Technical mirror

ТУ 21-23-264-88
Technical characteristics:

Rear view mirror for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, tractors and ground transport.

  1. Mirror can be flat, spherical, prismatic. Mirror is made of polished and unpolished glass with applying of aluminum coating.
  2. Shape and size of mirror can be produced on the customer’s drawing.
  3. Reflection coefficient of mirror is 0.77.
  4. Aluminium amalgam of mirror is protected with vanish layer. It prevents from mechanical damages and temperature influence.

Production sample

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